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Pros Of Offering Food Delivery Service At Your Restaurant

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If you want to gain more customers at your restaurant and enjoy greater end-of-day profits, then you may want to consider adding food delivery to your services. There are many benefits to offering this kind of service. Here are just a few of them to help you make this important decision for your restaurant. Greater customer base Customers who want to enjoy a prepared meal they didn’t cook themselves without leaving their homes will limit their restaurant options to those that offer delivery services. This means they will often order pizza or other kind of take-out simply due to the associated restaurant’s willingness to deliver. Common delivery clients include: college students the elderly parents with young children You can increase your customer base by adding a delivery service for some or all of your menu items, especially if no other restaurant serving your style of food is doing the same. In giving customers the convenience of being able to have their meals brought to them, you can enjoy a diner loyalty you may not have otherwise had with certain demographics in your area. Consider offering nearby businesses a discount on their meals if they continuously use your delivery service to feed their employees during lunch hours, which can yield you reliable profits as these types of orders are often large and come regularly. Stand out service Your restaurant may already be known for its friendly staff, signature dishes, convenient location, or hours of operation. This is something other eateries in your area can claim as well and may not be enough to gain customer loyalty. Not all restaurants offer delivery, however, and this service can help you stand out among your competitors, especially if you are not the only establishment that offers your style of food. On days where most people would not consider going out to eat, such as on holidays or during foul weather, your delivery service can still allow you to profit from diners even if your restaurant itself stays mostly empty. You can add a convenience charge to all customer orders to help offset the cost of a delivery vehicle and paying of your employees to bring food to patrons. If you do not want to take on the costs of personally delivering meals, you can outsource the work to an independent food delivery driver who takes a small commission for each delivery they make. Choosing this option allows you to operate business as usual while still having someone to bring food to customers not wanting to leave their...

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4 Ideas For Starting A Breakfast Brunch At Your Restaurant

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A Sunday brunch buffet is one of the best ideas for restaurants that want to increase their revenue. Not only will a brunch buffet on the weekend bring in customers who may not otherwise be familiar with you, it can help you improve your food cost by using up things from Friday and Saturday, it can help improve your liquor sales for the week, which have a higher profit margin. Here are ideas for what to serve on your brunch buffet. Waffles Virtually everyone loves these easy-to-make, inexpensive, golden-brown, and crispy breads. Set up a Belgian waffle stand, and customers can either make their own by pouring a pre-measured amount of batter into the iron, closing the plates, and waiting for the timer to go off, or you can have an attendant man the station and do it for them. Waffles don’t just have to be sweet treats, either. In addition to syrup, fruit, and whipped cream, you can also offer one savory topping, such as chicken a la king made with leftover chicken. Omelets Eggs are inexpensive, and an omelet station with an assortment of ingredients to choose from provides you with the perfect opportunity to use up whatever bits and pieces you have left over from your Saturday night salad bar. The ingredients are already prepped and waiting to be used or thrown out, so you may as well make god use of them. Breakfast Casseroles A breakfast casserole is also made with eggs, and will allow you to use whatever ingredients you have on hand. Similar to a crustless quiche, a breakfast casserole usually consists of eggs, a biscuit mix, and whatever fillings you want to use. For example, if you serve Prime Rib for your Saturday night special, you can use the ends and well-done bits and pieces to create your signature “Philly Cheesesteak” breakfast casserole by simply adding mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and American cheese.  Biscuits And Gravy In addition to being inexpensive, biscuits only require a few ingredients and are easy to make. Add your own custom spice mixture to bulk pork sausage, make a big batch of milk gravy, and you have yourself a dish customers seem to really love. Plus, biscuits and gravy is very filling, which means your customers won’t be eating much more. Another option is chipped beef on toast. Be sure to offer bloody Mary’s, screwdrivers, and Mimosas to take advantage of the liquor revenue. You could also consider creating your own signature cocktail each week, using the liquors you want to use up.  Click here to learn more about this...

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Menu Ideas for a Hawaiian-Themed Office Party

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If you’re in charge of organizing an upcoming office party, and you’ve decided on a Hawaiian theme (to help people escape the winter blues), then the food is a really important part. Once you decorate the tables with grass wraps, hang some leis up (and have them for coworkers to wear if they like), and have some music picked out (maybe some Gabby Pahinui), then the next important step is the menu. You want to be somewhat authentic, but maybe not too authentic (poi might not go over well with people unaccustomed to it). So here are some ideas to talk to the caterers about. Hallowed Out Pineapples for Drinks While you might not end up serving Mai Tai’s, Blue Hawaiians, or any other alcoholic beverages, you can still make the drinks fun. One cool way is to get cored out pineapples (the insides can be cut up and used for fruit dishes) and serve virgin versions of pina coladas or other island-style drinks. Don’t forget the umbrellas, cherries, and pineapple garnishes. Laulau This is a must have dish. It’s an iconic, and tasty, meal found all over restaurants in Hawaii. It’s sort of like a tamale. Instead of corn husk or banana leaf, the dish is made with a taro leaf and filled with steamed pork. There are variations that include chicken, in case you feel that pork would not go over well with your coworkers dietary restrictions. It’s often served with rice and macaroni salad. White Rice and Macaroni Salad No Hawaiian meal would be complete without these two classic side dishes. You can ask the caterer to have a pineapple sauce made for people who don’t want a plain white rice and prefer something more flavorful. Pipikaula This beef dish is made by marinating beef in a spicy sauce, cooking it, and then drying it out. It was originally made for the Hawaiian cowboys who were working out in the field and needed a preserved style of meat. It’s become a popular dish to have at luaus. It is served with white rice and the soy sauce marinade. Slow Cooked Pork The center piece of most luaus is a slow roasted pig. While you won’t have a whole pig out in your office, you can certainly have the caterers bring in succulent, roasted, pork. It should be basted in a soy sauce and pineapple glaze. You should serve this with white rice. Haupia This is the classic coconut pudding. It’s a cool and refreshing dessert that is not to sweet or heavy after all of the pork and meat dishes. For more help deciding what dishes to serve at your Hawaiian-themed office party, talk to a catering service like Marians Island Wide...

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Cashews Are the New Kale: Substitute These Nuts for Dairy in Vegan Recipes

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If you’re looking for a way to recreate your favorite recipes that normally have dairy, like Caesar salad and mac ‘n’ cheese, with vegan ingredients, cashews are your friend. These mild nuts puree well and form the base for creamy sauces and dips that mimic cheese, cream, milk, and other dairy products. You’ll find a lot of recipes call for raw cashews, which is a bit of a misnomer (more on that in a minute), but these are easy to get and are fairly inexpensive. “Raw” Cashews The cashews you buy in the store that are labeled as raw aren’t completely raw. They’ve been processed to eliminate toxic, corrosive liquids that surround the nutmeat in its shell. For the sake of simplicity and to distinguish these barely processed cashews from roasted cashews, “raw” has become the accepted name. But keep in mind that if you’re ever offered truly raw cashews, either in the shell or freshly taken out of the shell, you should avoid them. The cashews could contaminate your hands with those corrosive liquids, not to mention be rather unfriendly to your mouth and stomach. Don’t attempt to process them yourself. Even roasting them improperly can create additional problems. For example, improper roasting can turn the toxic liquid into toxic fumes. One consideration before you buy cashews is that you look for fair-trade cashews. Many of the farms that harvest cashews in countries like India and Vietnam don’t provide gloves for workers, leading to severe and lasting injuries. Cashew Butter and Cream So now you have your fair trade, sort-of-raw cashews in hand. Your next step is to process the cashews into either cashew butter or cashew cream. Cashew cream is more commonly used as a dairy substitute. Cashew butter is like peanut butter, just with cashews. You can buy it pre-made or throw some cashews in a blender with vegetable oil and salt and make your own. Just be aware it’s sticky. Cashew cream is simpler. It is made from water-soaked cashews blended with more water. Use it in any recipe that calls for cream, such as soup or the aforementioned mac ‘n’ cheese or Caesar salad. Cashew cream by itself can be fairly bland, but it takes on other flavors easily. As more people realize that cashews are a perfect substitute for dairy in vegan recipes, you’ll be able to find more and more recipes online and in cookbooks. Start experimenting, and you’re sure to find recipes you’ll want to make...

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Friends And Food: 5 Tips For Planning The Perfect Chocolate-Pairing Party

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If your favorite things are chocolate, spending time with friends, and eating, you should consider hosting a chocolate-pairing party. Chocolate-pairing parties allow you to pair chocolate candies with different types of foods to find out which ones taste the best in combination. Here are five things you need to host the perfect chocolate-pairing party. Chocolate Candy Every good chocolate-pairing party has to begin with the perfect chocolate. That’s where gourmet chocolate comes in. You don’t even have to leave your home to purchase gourmet chocolates for your party. You can order gourmet candies online. Be sure to choose a wide selection of chocolates for your friends to sample. Some of your selections should include: Caramel squares Coconut rounds Cream-filled Nut-filled Drinks When it comes to hosting a chocolate-pairing party, you need to remember the drinks. Whether you’re planning a mid-morning get-together or an evening soiree, your guests will want to cleanse their palates. Wine and coffee are the perfect drinks to compliment the chocolates that you and your friends will be sampling. Try offering a light-roasted blend with your white chocolate samples, and a rich dark roast with your dark chocolates. For your wine, try offering a nice Merlot or dessert wine to really set things off. Fruit You probably already know that strawberries and bananas are the perfect match for chocolate. However, you and your guests might not have paired chocolate with other types of fruit. To give your guests a truly unique chocolate-pairing experience, add some variety by pairing chocolate with the following tasty fruit. Kiwi Berries Pineapple Mango Cheese Your chocolate-pairing party won’t be complete without a hearty cheese tray. If you’ve never thought of cheese as a good pairing for chocolate, you’re in for a treat. There are many different types of cheese that pair perfectly with chocolate. To set things off right, try the following pairings. Milk chocolate and goat cheese Dark chocolate and bleu cheese Filled-chocolates and aged cheese Meat To finish off your chocolate-pairing party with a bang, include a tray of chocolate-dipped meats for your guests to try. Meats such as bacon, salami and pepperoni all pair very well with milk and dark chocolate. If you’re looking for a unique way to gather with friends, think chocolate. A chocolate-pairing party will allow you to enjoy three of your favorite things – food, chocolate and friends. The tips provided here will help you plan the perfect chocolate-pairing party. Contact a business such as Abdallah Candies And Gifts, for more information.  ...

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Creative Uses For Your Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Single serve coffee makers have certainly become one of the most popular of all kitchen appliances in recent years. Now you can brew a single cup of coffee in just a few short minutes, making them the perfect solution for people on the go. But these amazing little appliances can also be used to do other things creatively in your kitchen. You can also use your machine to make some easy and quick beverages and easy food dishes. Other Hot Beverages Since single serve coffee makers can produce very hot water in just a short time, you can use this little appliance to make other drinks to enjoy. Simply follow the steps you’d normally take to make coffee, but leave out the ground coffee refill cup. Instead, place an empty mug under the nozzle, and let the plain hot water flow into your cup. This is the perfect way to make a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate in just a few quick minutes. It also makes excellent hot apple cider in just minutes.  Easy Meals To make a fast hot breakfast, use your single serve coffee maker to produce the hot water you need to make instant oatmeal in the morning. Put the oatmeal in a bowl and place it under the coffee maker. The hot water will flow into the bowl and your oatmeal will be cooked quickly. Aside from oatmeal, you can also use this amazing counter top appliance to make instant soups, rice, grits, ramen noodles, and even instant mashed potatoes. Essentially, anything that requires hot water can be made quickly and easily thanks to the coffee maker’s ability to produce hot water so fast. Other Fun Ideas There are plenty of other great things you can use your single serve coffee make for other than its original intended purpose. Instead of hot coffee, run your brewer using the coffee cup refill into a glass of ice. This makes a delicious iced coffee drink that’s delicious and simple. Add your favorite flavors like mocha or raspberry syrup for a fun and refreshing change. Think outside of the box and use your machine to create a new hot cocktail for your next Christmas party. With refillable and reusable coffee cup inserts, along with keurig k cups, you can fill it with just about anything you can dream up to craft your own unique delicious coffee...

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Restaurant Equipment To Use When Chopping, Blending And Mixing

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Restaurant workers often need to make large food items smaller so they fit into their entrées properly. When using restaurant equipment supplies, there are a variety of machines and tools that help get the job done properly. Cutting down on prep time can be obtained by using the proper machine to do the job. Here are some guidelines to follow when selecting which machines to purchase from a restaurant equipment supplier for your establishment. Chopping An industrial-grade food processor is a must-have in a restaurant environment. This versatile piece of equipment can chop, grind, julienne, and blend. There are often many controls on the unit, each changing the speed used to pulverize foods placed inside. These commercially used food processors can be kept running at a continuous rate, allowing chefs to place items in at a moment’s notice, quickly whipping up whatever is needed at the time. This machine will chop up tough items that a blender may not be able to handle without breaking the blades. Blending Using a blender is often left for softer foods. This machine will mix up soup, dressings, sauces, and baking batters with ease. This machine is used to make milkshakes and smoothies, as ice can be chopped with the blades along with liquids and fruits. The alternative is using an immersion blender which can be time-consuming for larger amounts. This piece of equipment has a mixing portion you would submerge into the food in a bowl to blend. A food blender will do the work for the employees instead of using elbow grease to get the job done. If small portions are being made in advance, an immersion blender may be more cost-effective for the restaurant. Mixing Upright mixing machines will free up the hands when blending ingredients together. A planetary mixer holds the bowl stationary while the attachments rotate. A spiral mixer has a stationary attachment that the bowl will rotate around. If your restaurant plans on serving desserts, a mixer will be a necessity as mixing by hand often does not get all lumps out of batters. A hand mixer can also be used, but this needs the full attention of the employee when using as the bowl can fly off a counter top if the employee is not paying attention as they use the equipment. Floor model mixing equipment is an option available for larger establishments dealing with preparing food in...

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