Did You Know? The Food Edition

Ways Your Portable Ice Machine Will Save Your Vacation

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RV vacations are a great way to rest and roam the country any time you get the notion. If you love taking new RV trips, there is a place to stop and camp out in every state across the country. Many RVs and campers are bare bones, with the minimum appliances and kitchen products to make simple meals. One of the products that you should bring along with you on your summer RV trips is a portable ice machine. Here are some ways an ice maker will make your life easier and cooler. Refreshing water at all times If you have a small refrigerator...

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5 Tips To Making The Best Beef Sausage Of The Summer

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Making your own sausage during the summer months is a rewarding culinary project, and a pretty healthy one at that. Though you can make sausage with venison or even bison, beef is by far the most popular choice among sausage aficionados. You’ll want to set aside a few days to properly make homemade beef summer sausageb, but the result is more than worth the wait. Keep reading for five great tips on how you can make the best meat of the summer season. Curing and Mixing In order to best preserve the flavor and texture of the meat,...

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Do You Have Trouble With Food Sticking To Your Pans? Proper Care Of Non-Stick Bakeware

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If you have a set of high-quality, non-stick Swedish bakeware, you might be wondering how it can be considered so good if you have food sticking to it all the time. The problem is, you need to know how to take care of it if you want it to retain its non-stick quality. Here are a few dos and don’ts that will help you avoid having to replace your bakeware too soon. Dos Season the Pan Seasoning involves rinsing the pan with water, drying it completely and then using a paper towel and rubbing in a teaspoon of oil. Be sure to cover the...

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Useful Tips For Keeping The Company Refrigerator Working Great

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In an office setting, one of the most important parts to maintain is the refrigerator. In order to keep your commercial refrigerators working great over the years, you can take these steps. Keep Refrigerator Full One of the easiest steps to take when maintaining the company refrigerator is to simply keep it full. When you do this, cool air circulates around items in the refrigerator, and is less likely to escape when the refrigerator is opened. Conversely, empty refrigerators tend to lose cool air more quickly, making it run inefficiently. If...

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Five Ways To Enjoy Italian Restaurant Food Without Heartburn

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A new Italian restaurant in your neighborhood opened with an all-you-can eat lasagna special, but fear of heartburn kept you from the balloon-laden doors. The combination of rich, acidic food and a general tendency to overeat when faced with piles of pasta does make heartburn more likely for many diners in an Italian restaurant. Here are five things you can do to tame the beast of indigestion while enjoying some marina and carbs. Take Precautions before You Dine Pop a Pepcid or other favorite heartburn pill before heading to the Italian...

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6 Healthy And Tasty Vegetarian Pizza Ideas

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All you need to create an epic vegetarian pizza feast at your next party is tasty pizza dough and some awesome pizza sauce (tomato paste, garlic, onion, and some dried Italian herbs will do the trick!) for the base, as well as your favorite cheeses to hold everything together. And of course, you need some killer topping combinations that keeps things healthy yet tickles the taste buds of your guests. Try one or more of these impressive options: Surfer’s Delight This take on the Hawaiian pizza features protein-rich tofu along with...

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Tips And Ideas For Planning A Cowboy Wedding

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A country or cowboy wedding requires a venue that provides sufficient rustic charm combined with the necessary modern conveniences. When deciding on a location, keep everything from the size of the space to the needs of the caterers in mind. Wedding on the Range Nearly any outdoor location provides a good venue for a cowboy wedding, as long as it has electrical access. Check with local horse ranches to see if they offer event services. Samples of services sometimes offered include Horse rental if you want to get married on horseback. A venue...

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How To Use Dry Ice Blasting To Clean Metal Surfaces In Commercial Kitchens

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Dry ice can be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to using sand, water, and steam to blast paint, asphalt, tar, grease and many other substances that cling to the metal surfaces. Dry ice blasting can even replace using dangerous solvents to clean deep fryers and ovens in commercial kitchens. Here is how you can blast clean a piece of equipment in your kitchen using dry ice. What You Will Need: Dry Ice Blasting Machine Eye Protection Gloves Ice Scooper Hearing Protection Breathing apparatus Body Protection Safety First You will...

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Before You Host Your Next Event, Check Out These Raw Bar Safety Tips

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A raw bar can easily become the star attraction of any gathering, from weddings and reunions to corporate get-togethers. But while you’re having a good time, it’s important to keep safety in mind. The following tips can help your guests enjoy the appeal of fresh food without putting their safety at risk. Know Your Seafood It pays to have a good understanding of the seafood you plan on presenting for your raw bar. Having this knowledge can help you know what to avoid as you make purchases. For instance, oysters should be carefully...

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How To Be Gluten-Free In Or Out

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You have taken the plunge and decided to go gluten-free. Whether motivated by celiac disease or your child’s autism, you want to see if a gluten-free diet will help. Does this mean you will have to live like a hermit and eat only foods you prepare from scratch? How do you make it work when you are away from home?  What do you need to cut out? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. This means you will need to learn how to read labels and menus quite carefully, looking for any and all versions of these grains. Some of...

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